Why DevOps / Continuous delivery is important for product development and releases?

The increase in competition in the technology world calls for regular changes since change is the only constant. Every product needs to respond to changes fast, to prevent loss of customers to their competitors. In order to respond to changes faster, teams are becoming cross-functional and collaborating with each other, rather than simply focussing on their part of the responsibility. This collaboration, sharing of knowledge, working together is facilitated by DevOps.

What is DevOps?

It is not a product or service. It is a culture/practice that needs collaboration between the development and operations team to ensure continuous delivery.

What is Continuous Delivery?

Continuous delivery (CD) refers to a methodology or practices that ensure the release of software or updates, anytime and in any environment, without hampering the operations of the already functional system.

Why is CD important for product development and release?

  • Continuous delivery offers an array of benefits to IT organizations, helping them to cope up with the rapid changes in demand.
  • Since on 17% of the IT executives opined that they can cope up with the pace of business, it is evident that CD has a lot to offer to changes the insignificant percentage.
  • With the growth of the business, large enterprises need to adopt CD, in order to deliver their products on time, along with offering innovation and customer satisfaction.
  • CD is an extension of continuous integration that deals with the build to test modules of a development cycle for each version of the product.
  • With CD, changes in the existing code, that passes the automated tests are considered as releasable versions of the products and can be deployed sooner that without CD.
  • Continuous delivery focuses on making the feedback loops shorter, thus ensuring faster release.
  • Adoption of continuous delivery ensures organization achieves the most optimized path from the development of new code to deployment, through automated tools as well as collaboration among the development and operations team along with continuous integration, build automation, test automation and deployment.
  • CD optimizes process time, along with the elimination of idle time, thus faster release of products in the market.
  • The manual process of a software release is lengthy with the feedback period being a long one. With CD, all processes are automated ensuring early release.
  • With continuous integration, CD extends agile practices to IT organizations in the course of DevOps cycle implementation.
  • It also ensures shorter iterations, reducing the cost and risks with an increase in the frequency of release, as per the demands of the market.

Continuous delivery has a great contribution to the organizations, assisting them to adapt to changes faster, along with incorporating changes in the business strategies, needed to sustain in the ever-changing market. It also ensures close collaboration of the teams, with cross-functionality to automate the build, test and release cycles and streamline the entire business.

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