When I wake up, I just say: “Thanks.”
How Two Words Can Change Your Life
Darius Foroux

I too thank for the fact that I am alive. I thank for the bed that I am sleeping, the thank for the running water from the tap….etc. Basically I thank for every good thing in my life. I find being greatful is the nice way to start your day.

Through out the day, I thank for every little good thing that happens, if by chance, I just say Thankyou to universe or if some one does good for me, I make sure to convey my greatful regards to the person.

Before starting the meal I thank to all the persons that are involved in getting me the wonderful meal.

Before going to sleep on the bed, I thank for all the good things that happened throughout the day and I thank all the people who have helped me in my bad times, especially my mom.

This being greatful throughout the day makes me a more positive person and I tend to find the positive side of everything. I mean even if something goes wrong or is not that I wanted, I see it through a positive prism and count on the positive sides of it and be greatful for the same. I belive this makes me a more positive person each day.