Y Learn to CODE

Even if you are not a developer or engineer

Why should you learn to code!

All of us are creative in some or the other way. Creation is independent of eduction-systems. Education-systems are designed and developed by a set of people and/or organizations to find ways to enhance our capabilities, or at-least this is what they should do. But creativity and the ability to perceive creation, art and science is inherent in us and always has been. Remember! How nobody taught us to speak, but we were able to speak the language that was spoken in our homes. And had there been 10 different languages spoken we would have learnt all of them. That was because we inherently perceived creation, art and science and also inherently wanted to communicate whatever we felt good or miserable about. All in all we have tremendous capabilities and we already know that. Coding is also one such creative endeavour. In this day and age of information technology where computers and mobile devices are not a luxurious choice but a necessity; unfortunately our education systems do not teach us to code right from the onset of eduction. But as it is often said — it is never too late to learn; learning to code is also included.

  1. A way to express your creativity — You may have a brilliant idea or an unthought of application of/for an idea. The knowledge of coding will give you the ability to launch your ideas and applications. You will not have to wait for a developer to learn and actualize your ideas. That also means you can save some time and money.
  2. A way to appreciate technology — There is an existence of a huge amount of exceptionally creative work around us that are not only widely popular but also freely available. Learning to code will enable you to understand how various open source codes are written and executed.
  3. A way to enhance your versatility — Learning anything new enhances your versatility and ability to function in unfamiliar terrains. So does learning to code. Imagine how easy it would be for you to work with and communicate your ideas and thoughts with a team of developers and engineers.
  4. A way to change careers — If you are reading this post and already interested in learning to code, we can safely assume that we know it for a fact that there is a dearth of programers and developers and the gap between the demand and supply of skilled coders is going to get even wider in the days to come. It is a good opportunity for all of us to learn to code and change careers.
  5. A way to up your analytical acumen — “Everybody should know how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think.”, was said by none other than Steve Jobs. Learning to code in various ways improves logical thinking, reasoning and problem-solving skills.