Minimum Viable Life
Shihab Uddin

It’s a matter of choice, minimum viable can become supremely viable.

Minimal Viable Life- Yes sure, everyone should be pursuing that and it won’t even need an escape plan if you just be yourself. Tuning yourself into humdrum of society movements often make one lose his own life and get into unnecessary things which even are not important to him, but some how his mind develops logic which even heart endorses “I can’t move away from this, my life should be like this as every body else has too and if I don’t have may be I am not normal then”-

Yes, being normal is too mainstream, I say be crazy, crazy enough to live your life then it won’t even be minimum viable, then it be viable for a long time.

It’s just a matter of choice, some prefer that, some take it when they realize they should have had taken long before living a fake life.

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