Google is Spying on you!

(This will give you a shock) Google is spying on everything you. Literally everything. If you are not protecting yourself, Google is after your personal life whether you like it or it. Google spies on you and it’s not just a conspiracy theory anymore.

Saransh Sharma

Let’s get started. Why I think that superpower in reality exists and that is controlling every human on the earth very frequently. Every activity, every movement, every single step that you doing even when sleeping they are measuring your heartbeats.

Why do I think about that?

Any explanation or good reason to believe?

Yes, I explain you with each single examples and history that happen in humanity.

The Tech companies GOOGLE, APPLE, MICROSOFT, AMAZON, FACEBOOK. these companies have power to change the humanity in seconds.

In this I focused on how google spying on us !


Google Surveillance is unstoppable they know everything you do

Google is controlling every single android phones data in the world. It now has more than 2 billion monthly active devices.

Android isn’t the only massive property Google has under its umbrella. The company now has seven services which have reached 1 billion users: Google Maps, YouTube, Chrome, Gmail, Search, and Google Play.

Google has much product in every industry from when you wake up to sleep they know every step even your heartbeat (android wear and other wear connected to the internet) most product used by an average human is Google. Even Google has google earth they have the power to see from their satellite. Google knows what you like what you dislike. What you talking to your friend they know everything.

Whenever you search on google. Google save your browsing history, IP address, OS configuration, and cookies and when you open the webpage they put in their records for always even incognito mode or if you delete everything from google

Google listen everything you talking they catch your keyword to improve their ad-sense and Who have able to buy the data from Google (3rd parties).

here’s video test on youtube Google always listening:

Google prototype with china to link phone numbers

after you digital presence on internet google link every data to your phone number and they take your number from where you sign in. If they did’nt find they have a partners like microsoft, facebook, etc they can share information to each other. If this also dosent work they have 10,000,000+ thrid parties app to take your information and last think if you’re not on digitally active they buy your information from offline databases. The company named Acxiom “

Gmail activity read your mail to see how you type and for advertisement

Google surveillance has dramatic real life implications on human rights whether it’s in China or the US.It’s a political power that no politician
can resist. If you signed up for Gmail, you didn’t just give up your phone number, but some precious information that are unique to your biology. Ever since Gmail came to existence, Google has been actively scanning your emails for keywords to expose you to more ads in your inbox. But Google also used your private emails to study your writing style and the way you type.

Google uses your browsing history not only to target you with ads, but to identify you as well. Google only needs snippets of your browsing
record to be able to determine identities of users on the web. Google tracks your browsing history through AdSense, DoubleClick and various other advertising and tracking scripts that belong to the company.

Google really wants to know where you go. So much so that it keeps tracking your location even if you tell it not to.

First time Google was caught tracking users location on their Android phones and tablets was through triangulation of nearby cell towers servicing users’ devices. This information was collected even when users turned off location services, never inserted a SIM card in their phone, or even after factory reset. There was no way for users to opt out.

Google said this collection was put in place to improve message delivery, which wasn’t really clear how that could work. Nonetheless, Google promised to turn this feature off and stop collecting location data
for users who turn off location services.

That was a lie.

Even with location history turned off, Google can use any app activity to keep a minute-by-minute record of your location but you wouldn’thave any visual way to find out about it.

To confuse users Google hid the option to turn off this collection under “Web and App Activity” settings, where this kind of collection would not be expected by an average user.

Google partnered with MasterCard and presumably other credit card companies to gain access to roughly 70% of credit and debit card transactions in the US.

These data exchange hands aggregated and in encrypted form. But that’s just a public relation talking point. Google can verifiably deanonymize this data with its massive pool of personal information it holds on their users.

By constantly tracking users location, Google can correlate when users saw an online ad and walked into a store to buy it, almost entirely irrespective of how much time has passed between the two events. Digital profiles in Google’s databases contain very detailed information about users likes, preferences, interests and private thoughts.

The search giant is able to retrospectively compare these profiles with the aggregated databases of offline purchases to identify individual purchasing histories. Google tracks offline purchases in order to prove advertisers when online ads make an impression that translates into physical transactions.
Digital advertising is still a relatively new platform compared to television.
By tracking users offline purchases, Google can persuade the advertising industry that they can pinpoint marketing campaigns with surgical accuracy.

I only mentioned tracking that we know of. There might be numerous trade secrets, undisclosed agreements, and technologies developed by Google to win the race to get inside people’s minds.

Google’s presence is literally everywhere and it wants to play god without permission. But it’s possible to protect yourself. By avoiding Google services and replacing them with alternatives whenever possible

, you can significantly reduce Google’s power in your life.

Switch to ProtonMail, start using Firefox, search with DuckDuckGo and install uBlock origin to block much of Google’s tracking machinery. on some essential tools that will help you regain control of your digital self.

Thanks and be safe google know’s that you are reading this blog haha

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