Great read!
Sheree Strange

Hi Sheree, thank you for your response, it really made me happy. I can totally understand what you mean — I often have to remind myself that I do not have the same work culture requirements anymore, and it was particularly hard for me in the first few months after I quit my earlier job/law school life. I think it confused me for a while because while I did not have the same 2am deadlines anymore, I had never known an alternative to that, so it became either that or Netflix. It took me a while to understand that work could very well exist in different planes and scales and ranges and whatnot, depending on what you’re doing, so it was best to find a routine better suited to this job. Of course, discipline is key, no matter what.

Thank you again for your response, I wish you all the best with your work and I am eagerly going to follow your journey!

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