Broken souls

People who break or broken people is not the same.

Here I am, a park full of people, they might be broken, you know?
How many people are living in desperate times?
Feeling hopeless?
Is it most of the world?

Is it that there’s a jar of bad feelings for the world?
Getting filled every day, every evening with the sorrows of helpless souls?
Is it something being done with all of it?
Or people are simply destined to suffer for some part of their life. 
I know these experiences are for us to get stronger and overcome obstacles, but what about those who lose faith?
Do you forget them?
Are they spamming souls? Without any resolution?

I know they are supposed to get somewhere on their own, that’s the whole point, but what if not?
Will they be thrown out? 
Are you so cruel to do that?
I truly doubt so.

I’m such a curious soul, though. I’ll probably write eternally just to get responses on my own otherwise, I’d go crazy with all of these thoughts haunting my mind from the back.

Just as all these souls, we are all alive, and as long as we are alive, we are able to change what we are in the present, we simply have moments.

Even though there’s no pink perfect we all have the power to change what we are today. The today is the only one that matters and will make a difference.

I wish there could be a happily ever after.
Except, it wouldn’t be called life then.

Thanks for reading ♥