Should I write a poem to you?

Photo by: Jovanny Fernandez Rivera

Should I write a poem to you?
And if I do, how should I write it? 
You’ll not be able to read it, you do have eyes, but they see in a different kind of way.
Should I mark the poem on you?
Would you like that?
What if it hurts?
You’d still want it? — Oh yeah! We, humans, have tattoos, I now see the logic in that too.
How can I write a poem to you?
I’m not good at poems you know.
And so, if I were to write a poem, how even?
I know you are powerful and beautiful, does it even matter if I do write a crooked poem? 
Of silly words, not making any sense.
From a silly, dorky human being. 
Is that also beautiful?
Would it be appreciated?

This human, magic soul is worth the world and it is part of this universe as any cloudy, spoofy cloud, as any handsome tall tree.
And as long as it is written somewhere — even here — the so called poem would be appreciated, because a worthy soul made it.

It’s a gift from the universe to the universe.
And you know the thing about universes: they see it all and feel it all, they are all!

Here, have the gift:

I just spied on you.
I see you.
No, don’t deny it.
You guys are so in-love.
You guys snuggle all day and almost fooled me.
You might be the best ninja lovers in the world.
And you know what?
It’s just so beautiful…

Thanks for reading ♥