How AB De Villiers can bring about Paradigm shift in Liberal vs Professional Battle

Of Professionalism and Liberalism: In both arts and sports, liberalism ascertains innovation. As much professional as it gets, it incarcerates the whole idea of presenting its true nature pledging itself to be complaint with codes and conventions. Professional Cricket for one, demands humongous accuracy be it pitching the ball in right area for the bowler, connecting that ball properly with the bat and imposing a measured action on it to convert to runs for the batsman, leaping to follow the ball after batsman’s reply even if it overrides the call of pitch and swing of the ball for the wicket-keeper and patrolling the assigned field position to not let go the ball in the radar for the fielder. Maintaining such accuracy and staying amenable to the wisdom added to the sport since its inception is what then parameterize “It is a game!” or “Is it a game?”.

There are many unorthodox Cricket players who went through turmoils of practicing the sport out of the book, proving not a misfit again and again just to make it to selection criteria followed by international big matches. And only those who survived the strenuous syllabus yet able to define their original spirit have been able to carve an eternal niche for themselves and became transcendence phenomenon for the generations to watch and emulate.

Being both Pro and Liberal, Being ABD: SA vs NZ, Fourth ODI, 2017. It was wide of Dilscoop and usually upper cut goes in that region. Ball was dispatched to the boundary via the trajectory it knows although this time command was different. What did Mr. 360 do? Stayed with right-handed bat stance! Fine, Positive. Switched the blade! Wait, Is that in….? Eh, Afraid it is already a boundary. Oh Superpower!!! More power to you. That was unconventional, unorthodox and out of the box meaning it was not even part of earlier made unconventional and unorthodox shots! INNOVATION!

Trent Boult, the fast bowler he is, only ensured that this shot will be added to the cricket manual at a delayed time with his slower delivery. But it was not the reason. It couldn’t be a wasted delivery from someone who has had equal number of wickets as Man of the Tournament Mitchell Starc in World Cup 2015, playing in relatively smaller grounds than him. It is simply that batsman facing him is South African who starts to learn even to hold the bat only in the bouncy seaming tracks. To add to the woe, he was AB De Villiers who programmed whole of his self to be a fighter and to give everything to the game when he is out there in the battle. Neither physics nor any Jedi could stop this lethal creature lest any flesh and blood bowler could.

Bend the laws to be a Pro: Watching De Villiers absolutely being destructive in the ground raises the question “What happens when you start messing with the physics of it all?” asked by Ariadne, the architect student in the movie Inception to Cobb, the skilled extractor who wants to hire her to design the world where he can populate his targets and implant/extract idea in them. It is possible to defy physics, ignore dimensions, resist gravity and disregard any norms in a dream. Until someone checks into that dream, their world is intact and the world order is preserved.

Trent Boult might want to seek help from the spinning totem to first realize it isn’t a dream though the reply to his delivery was out of the box and out of the world. For once if we could sympathize with the bowler, what could he have in his arsenal to send any threat to the batsman who is ignoring the laws and norms? Bouncer, at max? If ABD is going to continue this way, sure the Universe needs to bring the balance to the bowlers as well as for Ravi Shastri to continue his consistent commentary with “Ultimately Cricket is the Winner” quote, for ABD is colluding to make batsman the winner every time.

Physics, Batsman friendly?: Bowlers already have too much physics in their lot to take into consideration. The condition of the wicket, wind in the area, humidity in the air, wear and tear of the ball, laminar and turbulent flows that will impact their seam thereby assessing the potential of the batsman facing him plus pawning the results of it to his teammates after batsman hits the ball. It isn’t easy to be proactive every time through out the spell and to constantly out-think the batsman. If previous data of what batsman is capable of is insufficient, as in ABD’s case where he constantly innovates, then for the bowler to construct the trap and for the Captain to set the field, a cross-join on potential shots and whatever can happen of Murphy’s law is required.

But wait. Why can’t a bowler seek help from physics and conspiracies of it? If science can bend to AB De Villiers, it must be bending to collective aspiration of bowlers too. Though these trials can bring breakthroughs in science and experimental physicists could make ABD’s bank account bankrupt proof, let us only concentrate on the process without focusing on the outcome as the batsman under study does it himself.

Few tips to try out in the process of bending physics for bowlers:

Tip #1: Bowling to him in Vacuum or Hyperloop setting, where air resistance is fully or almost nullified.

Tip #2: Constraining the time such that both the release of the ball and it hitting the bat happen simultaneously leaving the batsman devoid of the time to react.

Tip #3: Shifting the game to the pitches curated or non-curated in Mars and exposing him to ultra variable bounces.

Tip #4: Tampering the ball until it becomes negligible in the stardust to assume any identity and letting it into any gargantuan.

Tip #5: Normalizing bowler’s economy rate and strike rate when they bowl against ABD.

As the science is not developed farther to follow any of this tips, it can be concluded that, When left brain is intuited of the feasible negative results and frustrated, right brain can take over, deliver and uplift! This is exactly where liberalism should give hand to a pro stuck by reality and Pro should forever thrive to be even better Pro with constant learning. AB De Villiers has been one hell of a living model in regularly proving this for us.

We wish this Superman injury-free tournaments and the best of ICC Events to come.