The Truth About Innovation

Told in eight not-so-good pictures.

1. In some companies innovation looks like this.

2. If squint your eyes and see again, it looks more like this.

3. Well actually, more like this.

4. It was not always like that. Once upon a time…they were friends.

5. But innovation was a picky eater, but his friend was not. He would eat anything.

6. So people started feeding him this and that.

7. Rest-of-the-stuff kept eating. He kept growing. People felt happy. He provided them instant gratification. They kept feeding rest-of-the-stuff. Meanwhile, they were frustrated that innovation was hard. He was picky. He wouldn’t like the mediocre stuff they were feeding him.

8. They ignored innovation. They focussed on rest of the stuff and not innovation. Rest-of-the-stuff kept growing and growing…and growing.

9. Soon innovation was gobbled up by rest-of-the-stuff. People felt empty. They thought there was no meaning to the work they were doing. They brainstormed. They decided they needed to encourage people to innovate. And, innovation programs were born.

This is sadly the story of many companies.