YES YOU !!!!!!!!!!

“ All the power is within you; You can do anything and everything, believe in that; Don’t believe that you are weak, stand up and express the divinity within you” — Swami Vivekananda
Are you depressed over something? or you wanted to be good at something for so long and you are not able to do it? Do you feel completely lost and worthless? Well, then it’s time to change and act. :)
When I was in school, I was very much fascinated by the art of sketching but whenever I tried to draw something, it always turned out to be disastrous. I never gave up. I had this intense desire to draw Lord Krishna but whenever I tried, my Krishna was not even close to a human being. But my desire to draw was so strong that I kept on trying year after year. And when I focused completely with full loaded concentration, it was a success. After that, I went on sketching different things. A poor sketcher then had now turned into a sketcher. I know I’m just average in sketching but, I also know that in due course of time I will become good at it. Through the process of sketching, I learnt and understood so many things in life. It showed me that “ Nothing is Impossible”. Some of the things that I learnt are
To believe in yourself
A lot many people stop following their dream in the long run just because they feel they cannot achieve it. It’s not necessary that you can achieve “the dream” in the first attempt or in the second attempt. It may take a long time to achieve it. Some people may start discouraging you like anything. But don’t “listen” to the noise around you, rather listen to your own inner voice. You know who you are, better than anyone else in the whole universe (don’t expect an alien or a wizard to come and tell “you can do it”):P. Deep inside you know that the storm will pass and soon you will get it. What others tell is the projection of themselves and not your’s !!! Now you know what the first step towards your dream is: to believe in yourself :)
To develop focus
 You might think how the focus can be developed. It is you who decide if you need a complete focus or not. Focus can be developed by some practices like meditation or by simply taking deep breaths. It sounds so much spiritual but it’s a fact that the human body loves meditation. It allows your mind to settle down and end all the conflicts within. Remember that only a peaceful mind can process ideas more effectively.
No hard work but it is pure dedication
Well, the happy news is that there is no such thing as HARD WORK!!! If you truly love something you will work for it like anything. You won’t even know you are working and at some point, you will start enjoying your work. The dedication itself will get converted to work.
Be true to yourself
For all this to work out, you should be true to yourself. Be sincere in your work. Work till you are happy and fully satisfied. To betray yourself is the worst thing that you can do.

The most important thing is to understand that you are in charge of your own happiness. Keep in mind that you are the author of your story and you are the one to decide where your story ends. Stay positive and work on your dreams for they are waiting for you to fulfill them.:)

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