I’m curious what the author thinks about infant male circumcision/ male genital cutting?

  1. Both male and female circumcision were invented by men and continue to be implemented by men. In the case of ritual male circumcision, the two biggest faiths in the world that practice it are Judaism and Islam, and both are run by men at the top (rabbis and imams). Female circumcision is also run by men (primarily as part of a branch of Islam). So if we want to fight male and female circumcision, we have to look at the patriarchal religions that created this in the first place.
  2. The primary reason why female circumcision is considered more controversial than male circumcision is because with female circumcision, traditionally, the vulva is damaged as a result. It’s not a simple nip/tuck as you put it. It’s the entire removal of the clitoris, often done without proper anaesthesia, hygiene or surgical tools, severely deforming not only the clitoral area, but also causing intense pain during sex later in life. This is also why it’s also called “female genital mutilation.” Look it up if you think your gut can handle it.
  3. The first women to raise concern against female circumcision were circumcised women. If men feel the same about male circumcision, then it’s up to them to stand up against male circumcision. Personally, as a woman, I am against male circumcision and would never subject my son to it (unless it was out of ABSOLUTE, INCONTESTABLE medical necessity).
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