Again, not sure why as a woman you always find it easy to “blame men” for things men did and say…

Ok, Michael, if you don’t have a problem with male circumcision, then why do you bring it up?

Many circumcised women have a problem with what happened to them, which is why I support their struggle. I can’t exactly fight against male circumcision when circumcised men don’t have a problem with their circumcision. Would I have my son circumcised? No! There. That’s me taking ownership in that. Nothing much else I can do, buddy.

As for everything else you mention: indeed, why would women fight against those things that benefit them? Likewise, why would men fight against those things (invented by women — yes, they exist! I know, right, I just blew your mind!) that benefit them? We should all be fighting against those things (regardless of who invented them and/or perpetuates them) that hurt us.