In 25 seconds, Mitch McConnell reveals everything wrong with Trumpcare
Aaron Rupar

So the average age of this group of men who believe women (and likely all people of color other than their own) is 60. It took two 40 year olds to bring that number down. I do not want to be “taken care of” by a bunch of white, arrogant, self involved and largely ignorant men about the needs of women, children and families. They represent their own, their party, their almost “Christian” beliefs and health insurors well before the needs of women, children and families. Never mind the needs of the poor and less able.

Every politician that votes for this secret bill that has been unveiled to insurance interests BEFORE the Senate as a whole or the public, should have his/ her face up on the walls of the post office for causing suffering and death to countless people. Go ahead, prove it otherwise, show us the bill with enough time to understand the intended and unintended consequences.

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