When Elle declared 2019 to be the Year of the Egg, I don’t think we realized just how true that would be. Eggs have become such It already feels like forever ago, but we kicked off January with #egggang, the egg that would break Kylie Jenner’s world record for most liked Instagram post. Eggs only took off from there. TIME tracked the ubiquity of eggs. William “Eggboy” Connolly smashed an egg on Australian Senator Fraser Anning during an interview. The Outline discussed eggs as a cultural trend. In May, Refinery29 said that egg nails were the big summer trend. Taylor…

I redeemed a total of 12,000 miles and paid $11.25 to fly from Seattle to Las Vegas for my friend’s birthday. I used the miles because I didn’t immediately jump on the Vegas bandwagon when my friends were originally buying their cheap tickets, so by the time I finally got around to getting them it was too late and I was looking at a $400 flight. I’m the first to admit that I will drop a substantial amount of cash in order to avoid telling a friend I procrastinated on plans, but even I couldn’t cave to paying double their…

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When we finished the fourth season of Veronica Mars, my roommate and I stood, stunned, in our kitchen for a few minutes wondering if given the chance to do it all over again, would we have watched it? It was a better reaction than the final scene of Fleabag, which caused my other roommate and me to go out into the city searching for a cheap beer at the nearest bar in order to cope with our sense of loss. Fleabag had a bigger reaction, but I felt Veronica Mars deeper, having loved Logan since I was fourteen.

Television stars…

Teen girls don’t have bad taste

Maybe the weirdest photo of me ever, taken by Annie.

I knew I had made an error in judgment when I, as a 23-year-old adult, found myself parked outside Forks High School debating on whether to take pictures of teens at lunch. It’s a wild leap from teen nostalgia and joking debates about Team Edward or Jacob to actually traveling to the small town in Washington state where the vampire story Twilight takes place, but I’ve always had a hard time finding that line between funny and weird.

I could tell I was in the wrong when I repeatedly turned to Annie, my high school friend, asking whether it was…

Sara Podwall

arts and culture writer based out of new york. from austin by way of seattle. very interested in discussing movies, tv, books, and lindsay lohan.

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