11 Of The Best Racing Games For IOS And Android 2017

Racing is one of the few genres that are well-suited for mobiles. Controls are simple and gameplay is fast-paced, which is perfect for quick gaming sessions. Not to mention tilt control is arguably the closest thing you can get to an expensive racing wheel controller for PC and consoles.

Racing games are often categorized under sports. So you were probably disappointed that not a single one made our list of the best sports games to check out this year. We thought about including at least one game, really. But we felt it would be inadequate, so we made a completely different list. Here are 11 racing games for mobiles that you seriously need to check out this year.

Need For Speed: Most Wanted

Electronic Arts’ Need for Speed is one of the most popular racing game franchises in gaming. It has even spawned a movie adaptation, but like all other video game movie adaptations, it sucked. Need for Speed: Most Wanted on mobile is a reboot of the original game released back in 2005. It features top-notch graphics, which shows full-car damage, and offers the option to drive using either tilt or touch control.

The game is set in Fairhaven City where you can enter races using over 30 different cars, though most of them need to be unlocked using Speed Points (SP) first. Car customization is also available to make your machines more beastly on the road. Most Wanted features police cars, which are hell-bent on putting a stop to your racing adventures. Though its single-player mode is a bit flawed, Most Wanted is one of the best racing games on iOS and Android.

Real Racing 3

If street racing isn’t really your thing, you can check out Real Racing 3, another mobile racing game by Electronic Arts. It features real racetracks, instead of having a huge city to freely drive around like in Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Over 100 cars from well-known automobile manufacturers are included in the game. Combined with the ability to customize each car you own, this virtually shuts down any notion you may have that there are “too few car options” in the game. But as always, you will need to unlock cars first using in-game currency.

Real Racing 3 features real-world racetracks where you can race against not one, not two, not three, but more than a dozen cars at the same time. Further adding to the “realness” is that you will be required to perform maintenance on your cars between races. If you’re all about realistic rubber-burning, there’s arguably no better mobile racing game than the award-winning Real Racing 3.

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