The Best Sports Mobile Games To Check Out This Year

The 2017 NBA and NHL Playoffs are now underway. March Madness just concluded last month, and two months prior to that, Super Bowl 51 pulled off one of the greatest comebacks in American football history. The Premier League is set to conclude on May 21, with the 2017 French Open set to begin the day after on May 22.

If you’re a huge sports fan, things can’t get any better than the first six months of every year. Sadly, all good things must (temporarily) come to an end when off-seasons and in-between tournament breaks inevitably arrive. But thankfully, you have sports games on iOS and Android to keep you entertained as you wait for the next season or tournament to kick off.

Don’t know which ones to play? Here are our picks for the best sports mobile games to play this 2017.

NBA 2K17

Still bummed out that Russell Westbrook and the Oklahoma City Thunder got bounced from the 2017 NBA Playoffs too soon? We feel you, bro. But instead of sulking in the corner, why not re-create the entire Houston-OKC series in NBA 2K17? With Quick Game mode, you can instantly play a game using your favorite teams! However, if you want the feel the grind of the 82-game NBA season, you can jump into either Season mode or MyCareer mode. Unlike the console version, NBA 2K17 on mobile has simplified controls, allowing you to easily play on-the-go. Read More

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