Wow, time to leave the shitty little island while you can then and leave the pleasures you don’t…
Stephen Ryden-Lloyd

I already did — I live in Paris and it’s great. But whilst I’m over here, please do enjoy an unelected Prime Minister and her Oxford cronies ruling the country, paying millions to refurbish a royal palace that no one cares about when homeless people are dying on the street, shocking levels of rising inequality that is leaving the top businesses and 1% protected by the tax haven that is London and the clever little tax loop holes that exist yet people on minimum wage have to choose between heating or eating, austerity cuts hitting the families on the lowest income, rising food prices, unaffordable higher education pushing kids who already can’t afford their bus fare to the bottom of the pile whilst the privately educated children of the SE go onto the top ten universities, rising levels of racial hatred and social intolerance to anyone that isn’t British, a society that revolves around London and the South East, an aging demographic, and ultimately the most miserable and divided society seen in generations. Oh, and baked beans. :-)

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