Please don’t think all men are deserving of this.
Daniel DeMarco

This post was a response to a sign at a gun shop that had the phrase “vagenda of manocide.” Google it, you might understand the satire better! I was responding to some men’s skewed stereotypes of feminists.

This response though, and I do appreciate your gentle tone — just so you know, is a little patronizing. You are suggesting that my life experience has “skewed” my viewpoint (you don’t know my life experience), because I “spend a lot of time putting myself in forums like this.” You’ve even suggested that the bad men behave badly, because I make jokes like this.

You don’t have to apologize for men. My post never said “all men are evil.” It didn’t even discuss what men do that is evil. It’s literally a joke about what some men FEAR about feminists. Which, as we know, is absurd. Of course we don’t want to kill all men. We want equality, humanity, bodily autonomy, respect for ALL people. But since you claim to be one of the good guys, you should know this, right?

I encourage you to research institutional sexism. It’s not about “men are bad people.” It’s about a system that is set up to benefit men over women, one that most of us — men AND women — perpetuate.

I hope you’ll consider this and ask yourself why the post made you so uncomfortable and hurt your feelings. It might be because your privilege is gettin’ tickled. :)