If Someone Has All Three of These Things, Hire Them
Gary Vaynerchuk

Agree with this whole heartedly. Patience, not because “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” but because to be able to do something well we must be willing to fuck up, learn, refocus, and repeat as long as it takes to achieve a goal. Even if the goal changes along the way. Word is bond, because connection stems from honestly. Not only with others but with yourself. Where there is connection there is trust, and how can you work with someone/create with people if you don’t trust them. Plus the added value of actions speak louder than words, simple yet powerful. Empathy, something this society greatly lacks, though not for its lack of existence but of its suppression. Empathy takes you out of your own personal sliver of perception and shifts what you make of reality without judgment. Empathy is not simply listening with your ears but a total submission to the present moment of another’s presence. We need this to evolve.

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