Reading is my getaway

When I pick up a book and turn to the first page, all I can think about is how much this book seems so interesting to me. I began reading at the young age of 5, and now being 23, my reading level is beyond all compare. When I’m stressed, I read. When I’m bored, I read. When I’m sick, I read. Reading is my complete getaway.

Why do people seem to read on vacation?

Shouldn’t people be relaxing and enjoying their vacation? Some people would think that, but with me, I prefer to read on vacation. Like my title says, “Reading is my getaway.” I love bringing books with me on vacation, it gives me motivation to see how many books I can read while I’m away. This past Christmas, I actually finished the first 5 Harry Potter books in 5 weeks. But of course, I’ve been so busy where I can’t even finish the 6th book.

People think reading isn’t for them.

You’re right, reading isn’t for everyone, but most people find it completely relaxing. I can sit in my room, in my pajamas, listening to the rain, and read a book for hours on end. There are people out there who find reading boring and they say “I have no time,” but in reality, they do have some time on their hands to pick up a book and read, but usually choose not to. They don’t understand the great intellectuality you get from reading. They find reading time consuming, but listening to their music on the highest volume isn’t time consuming. People have their own views, but they don’t see the great sides of reading.

Bad weather=reading weather

I can curl up in my pajamas, with a cup of tea, and a great book in my hand and read for hours. It’s relaxing listening to the rain fall or watching the snow fall with a book. It makes me want to sleep but in reality, my book is keeping me awake and I feel like I’m in a whole other world.

Books give you a view on what other worlds could be like.

Books give you an eye opening effect on different “worlds”. When I read, I imagine I’m right there in the books with the characters, I think of what I would be like if I were a wizard, or what weapon I would carry if I was part of the Divergent group. Books give you a look into what you’re life could be like if you were just a character in a book.

Books are my getaway, it’s a time for me, and me only. Reading is my past time, my present time, and my future. I don’t plan on putting a book down anytime soon even if I might find a book “boring.”

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