When Your Guy Leaves…

I got the call today — a text actually, which of course is worse. The guy I count on, the one who takes care of things for me, the one who helps me deal with life’s challenging issues is leaving. This guy is always there — and never creates problems for me, only solutions. Until today.
Sure, it started out innocently enough, but then things got serious. I began to trust him — I gave him a key to my house. I introduced him to my kids. And now, he is leaving.
Maybe I took him for granted; for it never crossed my mind that someday he might not be there. Until today, I had not imagined a life without him. Ours was the perfect relationship.
I’m talking, of course — about my handyman; the divorced girl’s solution to getting things done with no strings attached. No strings being the operative term. He did all the things I didn’t want to do. He never doubted the validity of my requests — never questioned. Whatever my need, I spoke it and it came to be — my wish was his every command.
Pressure wash my house?
Install new light fixtures?
Not a problem.
Re-grout my tile?
How does Tuesday work?
It was like heaven — nirvana maybe. He — a guardian angel sent from above. Me- a willing recipient for all of his gifts and talents.
But now he is leaving and all I have left of this broken relationship is a questionable stain on my ceiling and a leaky faucet that just won’t quit…Wait. I think my garage door just stopped working.
His reason seems valid, I guess; something about becoming a pastor in a small church up north. I think I heard him mutter something about passion and purpose… I’ve seen some snapshots of his new life on Facebook, a bittersweet reminder of what used to be. Fine handyman — go if that’s what you need to do. I will be OK. Somehow, I’ll make it through. But it won’t be the same — it will never be the same — without you.
(A little Sara humor for ya’ this weekend…and a reminder, it’s good not to take life too seriously)
Here’s to making it great!

Originally published at www.sarastansberry.com.

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