Oh, The Places You’ll Go(ogle)!

Weeks 2&3 — Doing Giant Things in Tiny Spaces

As is the unfortunate norm with summer days, those remaining in hackNY seem to be disappearing faster than members of Uber’s executive team and stories are piling up faster than I can write them down. Recap time!

Of all the things I’m loving about the city, chance encounters are one of my favorites. Ask a random guy on the Brooklyn bridge to take a picture of your group, you’ll end up meeting the mastermind behind the cheese boat videos all over Facebook. (Confession: When I went to link the video, I lingered a moment too long. Guess what’s for dinner.) Go to the pier for Waffels and Dinges, and you might bump into a gaggle of Googlers — we were just on our way out when one of the girls asked if we were software interns. Why yes, we are! How ever did you know? “You just look like it.”

She was right, our aesthetic just oozes intelligence and potential
Shortly before our fatal error

We invited them along with us on our way to the high line, which was a lot more fun walking to than back from (turns out avenues are longer than streets, who knew). As we were getting to know each other, the group of us ended up drawing quite a large crowd by accident. Right smack in the middle of the park is a giant checker board, and everyone knows that if two rival internships cohorts stumble upon one, they must do battle. Whatever nincompoops built the park need to do some better planning next time, because things like that attract groups of giant nerds. This is not a bad thing in and of itself; the problem arises when the teams spend more and more time strategizing before making their next move, outside in the middle of summer, without a water fountain in sight. And if you want to know the outcome of the match, yes, the Googlers won, and yes, I’m blaming it on dehydration. (And the poor strategic choices of a select few who will not be named. They know who they are.)

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t expecting it — it was bound to come out sooner or later, and sure enough, they know. At my first Friday lunch out with the company, a menu decorated with doodles caught my eye. Carefully, I slipped out my Altoids tin and superglue, slid a couple of eyes on as quickly as I could, and pretended to be busy debating burger options. It was a valiant effort, but this is a strategy far more effective when one is not wedged between the CEO and product designer. Sure enough, they spotted me and the interrogation began. The truth came out, and not just the googley eyes…


I told them where I’d left my mark. They wanted pictures and I showed them my camera roll. I should have just kept my big mouth shut when they asked if I Instagrammed my googles, because now they know about the tiny food habit too.

This stove took seven hours to make and I regret NOTHING

If I can manage to salvage what’s left of my street cred, I’m moving to Facebook. They’ll understand me there.

Halfway through the office tour, I heard my friend Diana groan “Sara’s about to lose her shit.” Joke’s on her, I only hyperventilated a LITTLE bit

This week in googley highlights: