Project Management Features and Functionality

Abhinav Saraswat
2 min readMay 30, 2018


To manage a company efficiently you need a software for project management.

Whether you are an owner or a manager of a small/medium sized company or a large enterprise, you have to manage a team and their tasks. It is very difficult to manage the data on papers and also it is very time consuming.

Best project management software helps you to automate all your work, keep a track on all assigned tasks and achieve objective in much lesser time.

Features you should look in a project management software

When you start searching for a project management tool, look for following features in it.

  1. Staff Management
  2. Client Management
  3. Task Management
  4. Project/Contract Management
  5. Invoice generation and billing
  6. Track income and expenses
  7. Messaging between team members
  8. Leaves and Attendance Tracker
  9. Support Ticket management

Recommended Software

After using a lot of softwares personally I found Tasklee is a best project management software. It has all the features you need.

Most of the other available softwares are either too complex to use or are very costly.

Project management software Tasklee is available for self hosted version and the cost is very affordable to be paid one time only.

It is developed by Froiden (One of the best web development company in Jaipur) which has a vast experience in developing B2B applications.

If you need any customisation according to your needs they provide that too.

Here are few screenshots of the app.

Let us know in the comments what features you think are required in a project management software.