Apple Notes is the most innovative thing Apple did in the last two years
Matt Haughey

Irrespective of the recent polish Notes still lack of simple features like font setting and easy formatting a Note app should have. Evernote is far ahead in the game. They’ve great toolchains browser addons which a professional or a student would want in day to day life. Evernote and annotations are killer combination for design reviews. Apple preview has these features, but it’s cumbersome to use. Imagine the speed you would need when you review some 50 screens.

Evernote is even more packed but we don’t need all the features as a general user. But there’s a workflow and process for everyone to collect notes. They should enable users to collect through browser extensions, screenshots integration, text formatting etc.

Also I feel Apple needs to have more frequent software and service releases. Big changes are held to release every year. Compare it with outlook. Look at the app now and one year back.

People just call it great just because it has got Apple’s attention. Being an Apple follower, I disagree that this is the best invention Apple has made in last couple of years. I’m ready to try it but its too far away being ,y default notes app. This doesn’t mean that Evernote is perfect, it has its own pain points to solve.

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