City of Stars — days at the warehouse

I must admit that I have always enjoyed my flirtations with entrepreneurship. It is probably because I find it so so difficult to fit into a corporate job. Every time I end up in a corporate job, all I do is take walks around the office, hang out at the food place, grabbing coffee or a burger. I have never had the motivation to work too hard at something without being completely passionate about it. Which is why!

It’s been 5 months that I have been off a regular job now. I am working with a startup named Crowd Product. We make tech to better the experience at pitch activities. We believe that everyone who attends a pitch activity has something to contribute. So, we collect their thoughts during these activities and share it with the larger community.

The last 5 months have been very enjoyable. We have a fabulous, energetic team that complements each other well. We have a great culture going on in the team and I am guessing that all of us have found ourselves roles that motivate us and keeps us upbeat. At Crowd Product, we are very involved with everything that goes in Bengaluru’s ecosystem and have our eyes and ears everywhere. Being social and putting yourself out there is not a choice anymore; it is how it is done.

As investors pull back and decide to play the waiting game, the mettle of the Indian entrepreneur gets tested fully. The brief romance of 2014, 2015 is now over and Indian entrepreneurs have to reach profitability sooner or risk running out of cash. This stretches us out of our comfort zone and that’s when we grow!

So, how do I summarize the real differences between working at Crowd Product and working at a corporate?! Even now, I spend quite a bit of time on coffee breaks, going out to have poha and small-talk, regular walks etc. And guess what, these contribute to making a better product. Now, even during these breaks, I am constantly thinking how to make our product better, rather than how do I get out of a shitty job. We get used to the everyday uncertainties, and a new way of living!

On that note, some great music….