What do you deeply, emotionally want?

My colleagues and I were having a discussion today about the reduction in response we were getting to social media content. I am certain that similar content used to get a lot more engagement previously. Now, what happened?? I am having to pen down really really insightful concepts to get even a few people to engage with my content. Whats happening?? Are FB and twitter making dramatic changes to their algorithms? Why so?? And how do I beat these algorithms??

We work on cool concepts that are usually considered unconventional. And even then, people refuse to engage in large numbers. Are we really wrong in gauging the pulse of people? What is the pulse of people really like today?? What do they really deeply emotionally crave for?

Maybe, I should start by asking myself that question first

What I really deeply emotionally crave for is that I should not end up spend a lot of time in the coming year doing stuff that is boring, and that nobody wants. I want to be doing really fun stuff; great company, great drinks, great adventures, good time with family. And I feel like this is how everyone else is feeling like.

In 2017, it will be absolutely horrible to be working on venture capital deals or legal mergers and acquisitions or tiring management consultancy projects. I see a lot of startups in Bangalore trying to make their businesses profitable. Many of them try to leverage the demonetization effect to setup “go cashfree” businesses. Others are trying to add “AI based”, “Machine Learning” algorithms that investors are looking out for. Some of us are trying to revive the inherent “storytelling” aspects of business by working on better pitching events. But, our customers want more and businesses are struggling.

It’s my thought that, perhaps, people are ready for experiences at a much more deeper level. They want to experiment with self-actualization. Most of my peers are well-off when it comes to the basic human needs and are able to find gainful employment. This is been going on for a while now, and probably, now they want to experience something deeper. Maybe, that’s why “Deep Learning” is becoming a buzzword.

Looks like we, startups, need to experiment with such radical concepts or risk becoming as obsolete as large corporations. There is limited pride in calling ourselves a startup, boasting about the “following your passion” card, if we don’t explore very new, super fun concepts. And then, maybe we can make up lost ground on social media too :)