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Handling date-time is hard and still products around the world are making every effort to maintain the continuity and relativity in the data flow from different time zones.

The Front end world is also writing a lot of polyfills/methods to provide the functionality or the feature their business/users expect. Notable mentions amongst them are —

Intl.RelativeTimeFormat() is the rescuer for the above cases.

Converting the timestamp into user-friendly text

Assume you have a report/message/order-details/Ticket/Action timestamp data you want to show it to the user…

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Iterator methods are helpful and slightly confusing if you don’t understand the slight differences between them. This cheat sheet discusses the contrasting differences between forEach , map , filter andsome.

Before beginning..

“You must unlearn what you have learned” — Yoda

Here are few keywords used in this article and their meaning —

🥨 Array.prototype.forEach

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Void is unary operator, which when prepended to any expression/function returns undefined after the execution of the expression/function.

It even discards the functions default return value and explicitly returns undefined

A few of the common use cases of the void -

1. Usage with Inline Javascript

Best example for this is javascript: void 0. It is commonly used with the anchors href attribute to prevent the route change or URL pollution (by appending # to the current URL) on clicking a link element.

Other ways to achieve the same

<a href=“javascript: void(0)” onclick=“..”>Click me</a><a href=“javascript: return false;” onclick=“..”>Click me</a>

2. In Conditional Statements

While comparing a undefined variable…

Buttons are one of the most simple, yet deeply fundamental and foundational building blocks of the web. Click a button, and you submit a form or change the context within the same page. But there is a lot to know from the HTML implementation and attributes, styling best practices, things to avoid, and the even-more-nuance implementations of the buttons — links and button-like inputs.

This article covers, building —

We’re going to deep-dive into all three of them, and for each, dig into the 🏗️ HTML implementations, 🖌 CSS and ⚙️ JS considerations, ❤️ Accessibility

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TLDR; I designed my first app, I corrected my mistakes as developer, I used some amazing analysis tools, We launched on PH and we contributed to OSS 😍

A random thought turned into a tool — RevealUrl, which helps you to find spammy links in any page, literally. Through the journey from the initial discussion until this blog, there are some learning I’d want to share with the community, in brief.

So, the guy behind the idea and did the heavy lifting with the back-end is gaurav_shankar and I am the guy who worked on the web page design, Development…

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“Better marketing often trumps a better product. Invest in both.” — Rand Fishkin, Founder, and CEO of

This is missing in case of a few bootstrapped startups. Having a kick-ass product alone is not enough. Customers are crucial and it is not so new to see bootstrapped startups failing in this point of their business execution. Might be due to lack of funds or a bad marketing strategy.

Building organic traffic is the missing piece here. Ashok K Kammara — Head of Marketing, at klenty shared his experience from improving organic growth by 9X in 18 months at a…

Usage of terminal is one of the best things a programmer does. It makes us feel like a little hacker playing around (at-least to me ;D ) with his cozy tool. We write little tools (when ever possible) to automate small tasks or cut the pain of typing a very long commands.

Git has the awesome feature of writing your own aliases to commands. I like it a lot and written a set of aliases that I use everyday (I call them short-codes) and I wanted to share them hoping to-be useful to others.

And it starts here ..

These are the list of aliases…

I like and use BEM for CSS, it clearly says all about the code and saves time for developers. And I badly wanted something for git as well. I don’t generally delete all the merged branches, I keep some branches which have huge or major code changes/enhancements. So when I look back at them after some time I want to understand what I did in that branch long ago. I am lazy to go through the code or commit message and want my branch name do the story telling about the work I did in that branch.

I tried googling…

Redux is great, but we must also know the basics before using any framework or library, right? Thats what I did before learning bootstrap and doing the same with Redux and ReactJs. So, this article is all about establishing the basic communication channel b/w siblings using just ReactJs.

Let’s discuss the Requirement, My app has a child component which has to communicate with its sibling component. So it must happen through Parent with a Callback method from parent to child1 which will get the value from child1 and will pass it to the other child as props.

Simple, isn’t it?

Data Flow

Silly mistakes are common while typing and I do them a lot. But think if it happens while naming any branch in git; you have to react quickly before anyone finds it, right?. And thankfully it is possible to correct them in git and it is very easy.

Krishna Damaraju

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