How Real Estate Agents Perform Property Valuation

With the constant market growth in Sweden, finding real estate appropriate to an individual’s requirements could mean keeping in mind various factors. For this, real estate agents could help with conducting property valuations.

Sweden has been experiencing strong economical expansions over the past several years. Amidst this strong economic and financial growth, the Swedish housing market is accelerating with increasingly low interest rates. There is also a shortage of housing supply in Sweden. The demand for home sales is increasing, albeit slowly (Global Property Guide, “SWEDISH HOUSE PRICES SURGING!”, 2016). For those in Sweden trying to obtain property, either on a rental basis or for ownership, would have to keep in mind the subtly changing market and real estate scenarios across various Swedish cities.

In such circumstances, individuals interested in real estate might have to consider performing property valuation of various different properties before settling on one that best suits their needs. There are various factors that come into play where valuation is concerned. For example, homeowners might sälja fritidshus at higher prices if these properties are located along coastlines or in tourist spots. Thus, individuals could take the help of real estate agents for conducting a thorough property valuation. The following are a few broad property valuation functions that a real estate agent would perform:

Property inspection: Inspecting every part of the house or estate in question is one of the first steps of an appraisal or valuation process. Real estate agents would check the premises, make note of house related dimensions and designs. Movable and immovable parts of the property, as well as facilities such as lighting, plumbing, etc, would all be checked for proper functioning.

Data collection: Real estate agents would collect information regarding public ownership, zoning records, civic amenities, local demographics, etc. Much of this research could be already performed beforehand, with agents having databases on general demographics and location-wise information. For example, agents could use previously conducted värdera hus Smögen and combine that with current market information, comparable sales, rentals, etc.

Report preparation: Real estate agents would then combine all this data and present it in a report. This report might be designed and presented according to required local or municipal formats and standards. Agents would also add their additional observations, recommendations and conclusions to this report. This would help prospective buyers in understanding if a certain real estate property is suited to their various needs or requirements.

There are various other factors that a real estate agent would consider when conducting property valuation. The age and condition of surrounding buildings, local job markets, building permissions and regulations for any future modifications or constructions, etc, can all be included in valuation reports. A good real estate agent would prepare an objective property valuation report that keeps in mind the specific requirements of those looking to buy houses. Professional real estate agencies would have sufficient access to information and valuation tools for properties in different cities. One company that delivers such services, for example värdera hus Kungshamn, helping individuals buy or sell houses, etc, is Kustnära. More information can be found on their website.

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