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Photo by Henley Design Studio on Unsplash

The most common thing you hear a parent say is “They grow up so fast, so cherish the time you have with them.” And seeing Otto grow is really strong evidence for this saying that I didn’t get before having a baby. Not truly.

Today we removed his newborn insert of the baby car seat as he’s been laying in it somewhat awkwardly. Now he seems snugger for his size in it and safer, which is the most important part.

We also put away the infant insert for his Mamaroo as his feet are slowly reaching over the edge. …

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Photo by Febiyan on Unsplash

Today, we were on an adventure. I mean, it’s only fitting that we commemorated the first hundred days of our little boy’s life with something special. My husband and I decided that we should spend another national holiday exploring Slovenia. We chose Bled and were super excited that we’d be taking Otto there for the first time. I know that it wasn’t the last.

With Otto, we’ve traveled to a couple of far off places before, but always to visit someone or to go to therapy. But never before just for the sake of traveling. …

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Photo by Alicia Slough on Unsplash

Today was a really quiet day for us. It is Christmas and it was just the three of us. We really enjoy the time when there’s nothing else to do, but keep each other company.

So having some time on my hands (and lying perfectly still next to our baby during his naps), it got me thinking how we’ll go about the mystery of Christmas and Santa Claus with Otto when he’ll be old enough to catch this jolly bug.

Because we opened all of our presents yesterday at dinner. I guess in two years' time, Otto will be old enough to want to hear the story of how this kind old man from the north travels the world in one night and brings presents to all the children around the world. …

All things considered us and our beautiful life.

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