Providing Delight and Empowerment

Sara Traversari
2 min readJun 12, 2019


Three essential principles to provide delight and empowerment:

  1. Aim for a valuable outcome

Desirability, feasibility and viability are the three elements that I focus on when I start a new project. There is no value in delivering something that is not wanted by the users, is not a viable option for the business and it is not technically feasible.

2. The creative process is for the whole team

A multidisciplinary team in UCD is paramount

User centred design is an approach that sees the user at the centred of the design process. I go beyond this principle and I advocate for a process that not only focus on users but that also allow a multidisciplinary team to be creative in every phase of the project. And the client is part of the team as I am. Together, all members of the team will go through the convergent and divergent phases, contributing to the final solutions.

Example of activities in the creative process

There are many methodologies to run a project and there is no silver bullet, but I know how to tailor the process to best meet the project and the client needs. I’m very experienced with Agile and many of its applications, but sometimes waterfall is what works best.

3. Research just enough, release as often as you can

For me all projects must include a discovery phase. The length and the actual set of activities of this phase depend on the overall definition of the project.

The outcome is always the same: understanding what is desirable for the users, viable for the business and technically feasible. Once the team knows all of that, we can start delivering using the best methodology for the project. Whatever methodology, it’s important to design and test continuously to guarantee that the experience strategy is meeting the users expectations, is considering the business value and the technical feasibility.

These are the three principles that will empower clients and delight users.

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