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What Is A Business Plan And Do You Really Need One?

A business plan is a multi-page document that details your business activity, your goals, and the path you plan to take to accomplish this. It is an in-depth look at your experience, your financial expectations, your competitors, and takes into account your vision for the business. Creating a business plan can be intimidating for some folks — is a holistic look at your new business; you have everything in your head but need to write it out in a concise and clear manner.

A Great Business Plan Is A Holistic Look At Your Plans and Ideas For Your Business.

Business plans include a logo, tag lines, and research on competitors and facilities. For example, imagine renting a building and finding out six months into the lease the city will be redirecting all traffic away from your business for construction. If you are not prepared, this could lead to a devastating loss of business. Also looking at the future value of the property and project future facility costs, which may impact your bottom line (now and in the future).

Other things that a good business plan include a vision, mission, and values; pictures of the intended facility and product or service; and examples of the service or product. It’s important to call out competitors and compare perceived strengths and weaknesses versus competitors. This shows the underwriters you are realistic and that you understand your industry.

Business Plans Are An Opportunity To Set Yourself Apart and Tell The World How You Plan to Run Your Business and Add Value.

Organizing your thoughts so the plans you do have in your head are consistent with generally accepted practices and are written in a way that demonstrate to the reader or underwriter you are well equipped to take on your new venture is vital. A great business plan doesn’t happen overnight, and it may require the help of a professional.

Sit down and take a stab at writing a business plan. Set yourself apart and tell the world how you plan to run your business so it provides the value that others are looking for and need. Want more information, just click here.

Reach out to me at Sara@Strategy4nine.com to visit or need some help! Interested in building the business of your dreams? Download my FREE book, 10 Strategies To Build The Business Of Your Dreams: The Ultimate Roadmap To Reaching Your Goals today by clicking this link.



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Sara Travis

Sara Travis

Sara Travis is a highly sought-after business & marketing strategist helping small business owners build the business of their dreams using a Strategy4Success.