Maybe my ideas aren’t good?

Market Survey

I made a Google form which I posted of r/SampleSize on Reddit to get a true reading on what strangers think of the ideas. All of the ideas were still in the sketch phase. I had 10 questions; 2 for each product. One asking if they could see themselves owning/using the product and one asking a price they would pay.

Here is a link to the form: https://goo.gl/forms/xG32gkT1VSio20XQ2

I also asked two demographic questions to see who I was actually surveying.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the exact demographic I was looking for; 24–34, employed. But, I got a reasonable sample of 15 people.

Considering just willingness to buy, it seems people are either 50/50 not sure on the product or 3/4 don’t see a market for the product. Here’s the breakdown:

In regards to the exact dollar amount, the response was as follows:

In some cases, like the app and the cart. People would be willing to use the product, but not necessarily pay to use it. They wanted it to be made available for free or a low price which is a feasible option.

2x2s and Patent Search

Water Bottle Charger

1. HYDRA Water Bottle (and various knockoffs)

Categories: Many Features, Expensive

Price: $40-$60




-microphone for hands free calling


-led lantern with various settings

-hidden compartment

-caribiner bottle opener

2. Camelbak/Contigo Waterbottles

Categories: Simple, Inexpensive

Price: $10-$20


-flip out spout

3. NextBottle

Categories: Many Features, Expensive

Price: $70



-phone dock

-power bank

-lcd display

4. Sportline HydraCoach Water Bottle

Categories: Simple, Inexpensive (towards center)

Price: $20-$30


- Calculates your hydration needs.

- Tracks how much water you consume in real time.

- visual display

5. Hidrate Me Smart Water Bottle

Categories: Expensive,Simple

Price: $55


-glows to remind you to hydrate

-connects to app to calculate precise needs

6. Solar Powered Water Bottle

Categories: Inexpensive, Simple

Price: $9


-solar powered lantern

Most Relevant Patent: Portable cellular phone holder which has an electric charging ability

Although this patent has nothing to do with water bottles, the chaging thechnology is a relevant part of this product’s purpose. This patent is for chargers that mount the phone. There are many iterations of this product. Namely, ones that work for any phone model which is what I would use if I were to make this idea real.

Exercise Cart

1. Ideo Challenge for kids Finalist

Categories: Idea, Healthy

Description: Cart with 4 compartments for each food group, entered by a elementary schooler in an IDEO competition to redesign the shopping cart

2. PureCart Cleaning System

Categories: In Use, Healthy

Description: Carts cleansed with UV light machine before use to prevent widespread germs

3. Kartum

Categories: Idea, Healthy

Description: “intelligent shopping app/cart that helps you find things, plans your grocery budget, memorizes your list, and even helps out with buying healthy food”, also has electric wheels, designed by independent designer

4. SmartCart by Furf (and various look-alikes)

Categories: Idea, Neutral

Description: minimalist design with removable baskets, designed by independent designer

5. IDEO Cart (and knockoffs)

Categories: In Use, Neutral

Description: removable baskets, built in scanner that shows cost, light weight

not put into use widely, but designs similar to the IDEO cart have been seen in Europe, designed by IDEO for NBC special in 1998

6. 2006 Target Shopping Cart Redesign

Categories: In Use, Neutral

Desc: plastic, cheap replaceable parts, target branding, widely in use but exclusively by Target

Most Relevant Patent: Computerized exercise monitoring system and method for monitoring a user’s exercise performance

This patent is for the monitoring systems used in exercise machine to track activity/preformance. Probably something along these lines would be needed on the cart to track steps, cals burned, distance walked, etc. much like an exercise machine.

Gym Buddy App

1. Fitbit

Price: free+ price of fitbit

widely used, challenges to complete, connects wirelessly to wearable fibit, compete against those you know

2. Nike+


share completion of runs, connects to existing accounts

3. PumpUp

Price: free

share with strangers fitness goals and successes

4. Fitocracy

Price: free

track physical activities, view progress on graphs, invite friends or join a preexisting group, complete challenges

5. RunKeeper

Price: free ($10 fee for premium)

“the best app for tracking runs”, add friends, encourage others, see detailed stats

6. MyFitnessPal

Price: free

track eating habits and exercise, shows balance between the two, compatible with various trackers

7. Pact

Price: varies based on goals reached

wager money and earn cash for reaching gym goals, lose money if not

8. Charity Miles

Price: free

money to charity for every mile in a run, walk, or bike

Most Relevant Patent: Building social networks using shared content data relating to a common interest


This patent is categorizes as “Web site content organization and management, e.g. publishing, automatic linking or maintaining pages”. It outlines methods for use in website design, which I assume encompasses app design too. There are other relevant patents as well related to code and app design that it could benefit me tho research. This one is helpful because it provides a structure to “identifying members within a network of the user to define the interest group” which the gym buddy app does in the form of finding people with similar exercise interests.

Heart Monitor Lock

1. The Kitchen Safe


-time controlled lock

-box to keep items in

-locked even when batteries removed

2. StayFocusd(and other internet blockers)


-set time allowed on internet

-will lock access to blocked sites after time exceeded

-can set “allowed” for sites that are good like WolframAlpha

3. . Written?Kitten!


-rewards you with a picture of a kitten after goal reached

-goal counted by word count

4. 4. Fitbit


-exercise tracking

Most Relevant Patent: Wireless portable biometric device syncing

by FitBit Inc.


This patent is for the process of syncing a biometric device, like a heart monitor, to a wireless communication device. This patent is significant because the current iteration of the heart monitor lock would most likely use this method of transmission.

Alarm Trainer

1. Wake Up Work Out Alarm Clock

Price: ~$20


-dumbell shape

- 1.5-lb

-motion sensors count number of reps 0–30

2. Tocky Runaway Alarm Clock

Price: $50


-rolls and jumps around and plays song until you catch it

-customizable song

-multiple colors

3. Clocky Alarm on Wheels

Price: $30


-Runs away and beeps until caught

-Strong and durable — can jump from a 3ft nightstand

-Needs 4 x AAA batteries

4. Flying Helicopter Propeller Digital Alarm Clock



-Digital Alarm Clock

-Snooze Function

-Alarms sounds like airplane taking off

-Propeller flies at random heights

-catch propeller to stop noise

Most Relevant Patent: Systems and methods for heart rate monitoring, data transmission, and use

This patent is relevant in that it provides the technology for the clock to sync up with the heartrate. The patent mentioned above “Wireless portable biometric device syncing” is also relevant as it deals with the syncing between the devices.

Feasibility Concerns

Water Bottle Charger


  • Finding a market
  • technology issues with having water and electronics close together.

Exercise Cart

Big Concern: Pitching the idea to retailers like Target and CostCo that it is profitable and health food companies like Annie’s or Clif for the sponsorship required for the discounts and advertising.

Additonal: possible theft, cost of implementation

Unknowns: feasability beyond that mentioned above, actual impact on health

Gym Buddy App

Concerns: crowded market, safety of users, establishing a user base

Heart Monitor Lock

Concerns: whether the benefit will actually come through, putting an emergency button

Unknowns: technolgically feasible without patent violation

Solutions: pitch to owner of patent, fitbit inc.

Alarm Trainer

Concerns: also has a somewhat crowded market, manufacturing for the cost the consumer is willing to pay

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