Ever since i came to United States more than a decade ago, sending urgent documents, packages and any personal gifts to loved ones back home quickly was very expensive. I have realized about it last year when i was doing a quick math on my spending on shipping cost. Believe it, the cost was very high.

I started thinking very hard on this idea when few friends of mine also expressed similar concerns. Why not build a social platform and connect people across the world with a purpose. For Shippers/Senders, the items would be delivered as quickly as possible(provided the perfect match itinerary) and for messengers/travelers, it would be a great opportunity to leverage any extra available space while traveling to make extra bucks along with new social connections.

The problem definition was so clear and i decided to giving a honest try to solve it. There it comes ShipItwith.com. It is a great platform to address this genuine problem. It provides a social platform to connect shippers (senders)and messengers (travelers) who are in needed of delivering the items and making extra buck while traveling respectively.

Imagine the cost of sending a laptop, a phone, few lbs of personal gifts quickly using any global delivery services, it will cost a lot of money. with this platform, the cost is variable and there is a opportunity to negotiate with the messenger who can carry the items and deliver it quickly.

Safety, security is very important. So, we are working on providing insurance and tracking of the shipments and make sure the shipments are not hazardous to carry.

IMHO, it is a great step in crowd-sourcing world and an fantastic opportunity to connect people with a purpose.

The platform is ready to be launched in May 2016.

Stay tuned to hear more updates on this space.

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