My First Intern

So it was the starting of my fourth semester vacation. Everyone was trying out something new in that vacation. I had no idea of what to do. Then came my department to the rescue (I am actually an under graduate student pursuing B.Tech IT) . They informed us about the test that held in . We ,a team of 6 were selected for the intern. It was the “First Intern Program” , for all of us. We had no idea about this intern and the stuff we were about to do. But for sure, I knew that I will not waste my vacation.

mySWOTS is a platform where teachers and students come together and make learning much more enjoyable.

We had two tasks to be completed in this intern. I have learnt the concepts in classes but I was not able to apply them, yet it in my life. But mySWOTs intern provided us with the platform to apply those knowledge to the real life problems in elegant way.

Things that I learned.

Before this intern , I had never really worked in a team (Except for my projects). So this was my first time I really worked in team. I learned a lot of things about others in my team. We had real diversity in the team. Some of us were interested in front end, some in back end and some interested in content writing. The most important thing I learned from this intern was.

Never let anyone feel left-out.”

I had learned this the hard way. While working in a team , the most important thing is your “Team”. Never let anyone in the team breakdown. At the beginning we had communication issues. Because of this we missed out deadline and we were redoing the same stuff and worse I did not notice the work done by others. This made most of my team mates feel left-out.

That was the major face palm moment for me. So how did I work this out?(keep reading to find out, it is kind of too late to back off now :P )

I always share and discuss things with my close friend, who was not a part of this team and he asked me to understand the team mates first and to work next. So I tried observing the team and things I learned follows:

How to work in a team, as a team? (And I had to learn this the hard way)

  • Not everyone works in the same pace as others. So the tasks had to be distributed to the team so that no one feels left out.
  • Appreciation is very much important in team work. We need to appreciate others for their work.
  • Some might know certain things and some may not. It is okay to not know things. But we should learn it, if the situation demands it.
  • At least once in a week the team should meet, share their work. It would not hurt to crack some jokes and share the experience .
  • And most importantly , Team leaders just represent their team and they are not the Team.

So I always say this to my-self all the time and it turned out to be a pretty good experience for all of us (I hope :P).