Jho Low Brings His Super Yacht Out East For Latest Multi-Million Dollar Party Bash TONIGHT EXCLUSIVE!

Heading for open waters and the helicopter arrival of billionaire host Jho Low?

One of the world’s largest super-yachts, Equanimity, snaked out of the harbour of Incheon, South Korea just after 5pm this Friday evening at the start of Jho Low’s latest million dollar party bash, which is scheduled to carry on off-shore for the rest of the night.

Sarawak Report received early notification that Jho Low had been scouting his usual Hollywood contacts to find out who he could hire to join the party — once again to celebrate his birthday in early November.

Paid guests are believed to include Psy

He is believed to have paid for no less than 24 ‘celebrity guests’ to attend on this occasion, including two Grammy Award winners and two Oscar winners.

Local Korean star Psy, whom Jho paid to attend BN’s ill-starred Penang election rally, is believed to also be on the list.

However, Low’s prime erstwhile party pal, Leonardo di Caprio is suspected not to be attending, as relations between these two self-proclaimed environmentalists and philanthropists are believed to have cooled, as the questions over the origins of Jho Low’s billions have become more pressing and public.

Jamie Foxx is meant to be sworn to secrecy, but here is the give away as he flies by private jet, courtesy of friend Jho, to South Korea with a gushing Night Show team in tow

Another Low party regular on the guest list, Jamie Foxx, was also placed in the past few hours heading ever so coincidentally into South Korea (by luxury private jet of course) according to gushing tweets from the radio team he had brought in tow.

We can also reveal that the crucial female attraction, who has said yes to the invite is the bikini model cum movie actress Kate Upton.

Kate Upton — latest paid blond attraction, as Paris Hilton moves on?

The ‘star guests’ are expected to be housed in the boat’s own state-rooms, which can provide luxury accommodation for up to 26 people (there is also on board accommodation for 28 crew and staff).

A 20 meter pool and vast 91 meter deck ought to give the likes of Ms Upton full scope to display her attractions and will provide the venue for the latest of Jho Low’s most lavish of extravaganzas.

By nightfall Equanimity was safely off the Korean coast, according to our monitoring, and presumably ready to receive the host, billionaire Jho Low himself, who is expected to land by helicopter from the extradition fortress of Taiwan.

Equanimity is one of the few private yachts in the world built with a special re-enforced helicopter landing deck to facilitate his arrival. The luxury boat also has its own gym, spa, Turkish bath, beauty salon and ‘beach club’.

Repeat behaviour — Jho Low on previous form with Paris Hilton in San Tropez, before he went to ground in Taiwan.

It goes without saying that as the party gets underway the decks will be awash with Jho Low’s signature Crystal Champagne, expensive entertainments and pyrotechnics and the most lavish food all served by an army of ‘themed’ staff.

As Sarawak Report has revealed was the case with Jho Low’s previous extravaganza’s (which are frequently timed to celebrate his own birthdays) this event has been prepared over the past few months under conditions of utmost secrecy.

Guests have been required to sign confidentiality agreements not to disclose their invitations to the party and in some cases the hired celebrities have not even been given the identity of their ‘mystery host’, who has been merely described as a youthful billionaire from Asia. Photos and tweets and all interviews on the party are naturally also banned.

One person who learnt about the plans spoke to Sarawak Report:

‘It’s like something out of James Bond. Who holds a super-extravagant party like that in total secret in the middle of the ocean?”

The answer is Jho Low, who plainly cannot resist spending more of the billions diverted out of Malaysia’s development fund 1MDB into his accounts on his own enjoyment, but dare not let the world find out (let alone turn up to parties in New York, where his actions are being investigated).

Once again the thirty six year old has attempted to cloak his actions under his new self-proclaimed banner of philanthropy, rewarding guests with a gift of US$50,000 to spend on a UN charity of their choice.

Low has thrown money at the UN and other US establishment bodies in recent months in a clear attempt to buy good will. However, there has been no such conspicuous charitable spending back home in Malaysia, from where billions of his dollars were obtained through the diversion of funds from 1MDB.

Super Yacht Equanimity

Loading up with champagne and fireworks? Equanimity has been moored at Incheon since the start of the week

Tonight’s event also finally puts to bed months of denials by Jho Low over the widespread rumours that he is indeed the owner of Equanimity, the world’s 39th largest sea-going yacht, which was delivered to a ‘secret Chinese client’ by the Dutch boat builder Oceacno last year.

Sarawak Report learnt of the planned yacht party off South Korea some weeks ago and started tracking the movements of this monster boat. Sure enough, Equanimity has been heading over from the West Coast of the United States in a bee line for South Korea ever since late summer.

Equanimity’s key stops in past months

It ended, up spot on time, in Incheon just at the start of this week in order to get ready for the planned extravaganza for Jho Low.

Most remarkable has been the extraordinary route taken by the vessel in order to reach South Korea from the East Coast of the United States.

Avoiding the normal Panama Canal it instead headed north up the Atlantic Coast from its base in Fort Lauderdale in Florida in May right up to the Arctic over the mid-summer months.

Equanimity then cut straight over the North Pole, through the fabled Northwest Passage, through the normally frozen Arctic Sea, past Greenland and Alaska and into the North Pacific.

North West Passage journey from Florida to Incheon!

The startling route made it only the 200th ever vessel to ever complete this dangerous voyage through a sea that has only become genuinely passable over the past two years, thanks to the shrinking of the Arctic Ice, caused by global warming.

Exiting the Bering Sea at Unalaska

The arrival of this vast fancy yacht with a mystery owner certainly attracted attention with the local media as it moored off Dutch Harbour in Unalaska in September.

Local papers had no hesitation in naming “troubled billionaire” Jho Low as the owner of it.

Writers observed how until 2006 this route was almost permanently frozen against shipping and extremely dangerous. Four ships passed through that year in 2013 the number increased only to 18 . The fast shrinking ice-cap has been caused not least by the rampant deforestation that has been causing months of haze over Borneo and warming the earth’s surface with CO2 and other gases caused by burning trees, peat and fossil fuels.

Will Leo come this time?

We hope Jho Low considers it worth the melting of the earth’s ice caps so that his ship can make his birthday party in time, especially considering how he and his best friend and party pal Leonardo di Caprio both pose as fervent environmentalists and eco-campaigners.

Equanimity, which is said to be decorated in bamboo and gold ‘in accordance with its owner’s Chinese origins’, has in the last few weeks proceeded South down past the China coast and into the Japan Sea, where it motored gently through, visiting various ports, including Hiroshima last week.

Last weekend it finally emerged from the Japan Sea and cut through the Yellow Sea to South Korea as all watchers had long anticipated would make its final path to its destination and Jho Low’s party.

Equanimity’s path as it headed out from the Japan Sea towards Korea late last week

Guests have been arriving, first class travel paid of course, by air from the world over. However, the secret is out. We trust it didn’t spoil the party or prevent the secretive Mr Jho Low from turning up after all!

Jamie Foxx’s view from the plane as he heads in to South Korea to meet up with Jho Low’s yacht to spend more of money raised in the name of Malaysia’s poorest people.

Originally published at www.sarawakreport.org.