No I’m not demanding this for college students who have messed up sleep cycles or who all up all night, then sleepwalk through the classes.
Sleeping Rights
Koni S. Lightmaker

As a student, I believe this should also be implemented throughout colleges, and high schools and middle schools. Sleep deprivation can have serious consequences to your cognitive development regardless of what age you are. But to say that we college students mess up our own cycles? That’s not very fair. Personally, I can say that my sleep cycle is slightly messed for multiple reasons, but school is the second biggest reason after my ADHD. I didn’t ask my professor to add to my consostent workload every day without fail. No student does. There are not enough hours in a day to complete what homework assignments we have, jobs or internships we might have, finding time to take breaks in between studying, classes, and whatever else might be sitting on our plates. So long story short, we college students do not intentionally mess up our sleep schedules.

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