Confessions of a College Kid

In high school, I remember thinking of an idealized college experience with the greatest professors, a loyal group of friends, and graduating and leaving a mark on the people and the school. Three, going into fours years, years later, I know that’s not the truth. Or, it’s part of the truth. Adults will say, “college was the best four years of my life” or say that if they could go back to any period of their life it would be college. With these kinds of statements, how could I not start to develop a fantastical image of college? Unfortunately, here are some lessons I learned.

1. Girls' bathrooms are disgusting.

I’ve used female and co-ed bathrooms (which was only co-ed because it had a laundry room in it), and they were nightmares. Yes, the boys' bathroom was vandalized more, but the girls' and co-ed bathrooms were far worse. Unflushed toilets, bunched up paper towels that missed the trash, hair in the showers and on the sinks. It was bad.

2. You won’t always get closure.

Story time: my junior year, I was a part of a club called the Asian American Association (AAA), and the Vice President of the club at the time had been my friend since soohomore year. However, in the spring after one of AAA’S events, he stopped talking to me. We had a class together in the spring semester and he didn’t talk to me there either. Why? I still don’t know.

3. Bitterness is part of the experience.

Is my tone bitter? I apologize if it is, I wasn’t always this way, but I’ve had enough drama and heartbreak to know that people are never what you think, certain ones will disappoint you. With two selfish roommates sophomore year and a psychopath for a roommate junior year, I’ve had my share of the crazies. Of course, I was resilient with the help of my friends, but it taught me more about people than the entirety of my middle school and high school years.

4. Ramen is a life saver.

On top of being absolutely terrible for your health, ramen is incredible. On many occassions, it has fed my midnight cravings, been the quickest meal of the day in between classes, or been my procrastinating buddy. The best part has to be how cheap it is. Forget healthy, ramen is what I want.

5. Every student finds their niche.

Freshman year, I made new friends, but they never seemed to fit me. I would find myself feeling awkward and more alone. Sure, I loved my first roommate while she stayed, but my second one I had always had a tolerance for, but was never the biggest fan of, which I never realized until she started to turn against me. Of course, life works in a balance, I had a couple of horrible roommates sophomore and junior year, but I had to go through the dark to get to the light, which was my niche. Not to sound like a broken record, but I did find out which friends cared deeply about me and were there for me, particularly in junior year when my roommate was a jerk to me. But junior year, I found my niche, and hell, they’re the best people I know.

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