Careful, child, for what you wish for you shall have and what you shall have will wear a new face.

Begin here. Whitened teeth, all 32. Of course you shall have it, the brighter the better, but show them off for your face must be newly made for him.

Sephora and Mac decorate your bureau in shades of red, nude, pink, black. Strokes of brushes, glossing of lipstick, blends of foundations all to make the mask of confidence and beauty for his liking.

Nose? Of course, child, straightened with the slightest of points, and a smattering of freckles for personality, but remember they’re not cute until he thinks they are.

The flawless wardrobe? Certainly, dear, you shall have everything: classy, sexy, comfy, cute, professional, formal, business casual, but they will all be for his eyes to inspect.

Muscled and toned for that gorgeous body? Yes yes you shall have it, as long as he’s allowed to comment on it.

Slendered stomach is what you want then you shall have it dear, but if he doesn’t whistle and stare, how will you know he appreciates it?

Lengthy legs, tanned and sculpted, if you desire them you shall have them, but do not be offended if he thinks more of them than your mind.

10 out of 10 is what you want; to be defined by him makes you feel beautiful, child, but beautiful is not for your eyes, but his.

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