Of the Deep

Love us, they said and slipped their pruned hands from the water, wrapping their hands around my wrists. They tugged and tempted me into the water.

There were two. One was more the leader than the other. Both scaly and despicable with their secretive features.

Flashy fins, golden bangles hung around their wrists, pendants hanging low between their breasts, I marveled at their beauty.

Mother used to tell me stories about these monsters and their talents. She warned me to stay away from the water’s edge.

I was pulled deeper and deeper and deeper into the water until I was blue in the face until my legs flailed and thrashed. My efforts only frustrated the devils and they pulled me down down down still.

A smile is a glare, a caress is a slap to the face. They are never happy with what they lure in. Be careful. Every type of monster wears a mask.
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