Everything is changing in the 21st century, why don’t we let this quest for finding that inevitable one go too?
The myth of “The One”
Nerdy Glass

Romanticized and idealized version of love, I would say. We tell Hollywood to create these adorable romantic movies that are a staged version of what we want love to look like. Why doesn’t this change? Because love is a major consistent topic. For centuries and millennia, we’ve talked, written, sung, drawn, painted, danced, about love because it’s such a mystery to us. It’s so convulsed that we can’t even describe what it is or what it means. We get so far as, “chemical releases in your brain,” and yet even outside of Disney, we get a romanticized version of love that looks great on paper.

As human beings, you could say we are genetically designed to look for someone who is going to give us the best chances of reproduction, and you can argue whether they are or are not mutually exclusive. Yet, it could be another reason why love is still around. Procreation is something else that will never change; we must bear children to keep the human race going. By merging love and procreation together, you have a superpower; love and procreation become something more intimate, something you’re more likely to do with someone who you feel connected to and want to share a life with. Throw a baby in there and you’re the epitome of a perfect family.

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