Daily Travel Kit: The Solution to Hanger and Boredom

I do my very best to never leave my home without my daily travel kit. In it are things to help my day go smoothly, and can be utilized anywhere from a walk around your neighborhood, to a train ride to Boston, to an all-day trip with a connecting flight in Dallas to your hometown in central Louisiana.

My three rule minimum is to always bring something to drink, something to eat, and something to do. Believe me, if when your train is stuck due to due a sick passenger at the upcoming station, and you’re hangry and bored, you’ll thank me. I keep a water bottle and granola bar in my bag whenever I leave my home for more than 5 minutes.

Some folks are entertained by their smart phone alone, and don’t need anything else for backup. To those individuals, I salute you. I do not have that skill set, which means I can sometimes be guilty of over-packing. That’s why I have a size limit on the bags I carry — if it’s too big I will just continue to fill it until near capacity, and that will be a pain and a half to carry around all day.

While the following aren’t mandatory for your daily travel kit, here are some few extra things I include:

  • Headphones — Even if my phone is dead, or I’m not listening to music it shows those around me that I’m not interested in talking (though that often doesn’t stop them).
  • Sunglasses — I adore my sunglasses because of their opaque lenses; no one can see me roll my eyes! I feel safer when I wear my sunglasses, too. No one is able to make eye contact with me, and I can check on that creepy dude sitting across from me without him knowing.
  • Pen — Face it, you never have one when you need it!
  • Notebook — A pen isn’t much use unless there’s something to write on. I am a tactile person, and a huge doodler and list maker, so I always travel with something to write on and with.
  • Hairbands — At least 2 so I have options between a ponytail and a bun.
  • Jacket/Sweater — I am always cold, so having another layer on hand helps me stay comfortable no matter where I am.
  • Magazine — If I have room I try to include some reading material. Magazines are great because they can be rolled up and folded, making them easier to pack.

The wonderful thing about carrying a daily travel kit is that it is fully customizable to meet your needs! I challenge you to create your own and try it out for a week. What was the experience like? What does your daily travel kit include? Share in the comments below!

Originally published at TravelPRIDE.