Art that Feels Good?

As an artist, I find it difficult to articulate a proper meaning behind my work. Often times, it seems as though concepts are part of a distant realm I haven’t fully grasped. Personally when I start a piece of work, I think about a meaning, a small influence from somewhere in the depths of my brain. Inspiration can come from anywhere, whether I’m driving to school or having an ah-ha moment at 3 in the morning. Artwork changes all the time during the process, however, I have a clear picture of what I want my piece to look like. Very rarely does it go my way, but I think the changes happen for a reason and sort of take itself in its own direction. Of course there is a meaning behind any piece of work in the earliest stages, however my point is that often times we forget what feel when making work. Getting education at an art school, I feel as though I have to prove myself in my work. It is not a bad thing nor is it something I like to focus on constantly.

During the process I think a lot. There are numerous influences that present itself in the work whether I’m aware of it or not. Sometimes I’m surprised by coincidences in my work that relate to something I didn’t realize. Maybe all these influences make up the whole and enriches itself. Going back to college, having scheduled critiques is a way for us, as artists, to gain insight and share ideas. I must admit it is something that I still have yet to master. To be honest, I don’t think anyone really does. I must state that the reason why I felt this way came from countless critiques I’ve been in. A lot of the artists I hear are confident and clear on what they create. Maybe it’s just that I envy them and it’s difficult to explain my reasons behind my work, but I know that they’re there.

Throughout my fall semester at school, I found that I got too caught up in concepts and over complicated what I wanted to focus on. I was trying too hard to be very “deep” and conceptual that I forgot what it’s like to feel when I make art. I think that both ideas can coincide together because the meaning is there, however we can feel good about something for the sake of enjoying it. I rarely hear artists say, “I did this because it was fun and I didn’t think about anything, but it felt good and I like the way it looks.” That is another aspect of confidence I think is just as important. The point of all this is that we should enjoy what were doing and make that just as important as the meaning. I think that emotional aspect is an integral part of art and a way of liberating ourselves.

This is just my personal perspective and an outlet to write about these topics, however comments are always welcome! (even if it is about my…writing)