The Way Home Mexico

I have always felt attracted to Mexico, a powerful land connecting the vast American continent together with the forces of earth and an enormous variety of cultures, languages and roots. I stood I am attracted to the different connections people have within the country, in the cities, with the nature and the interaction of the different communities. This impossibility to portray a unique identity of Mexico drive me to keep on discover the diversities, creating a sphere where they coexist and reveal it as a example to humanity. I discover Mexico is a tragic drama of consequences of the entire world economic and political situation, everything convey here as a loud noise. Mexico is a stage where all the goods and evil side of these cultures are mixed in a delirious ballad never ending. Mexico is the ideal society for the human species, following its history and the nowadays dynamics it reveal the future on earth. As a photographer I use to work with a personal approach, searching for closeness and connection, finding myself into others. I am travelling through people, I have been hosted from locals in every stop I made starting from the north of the country, Chihuahua, to the deep south of Mexico,in Yucatan.