Healthy Food | Food Health

Healthy Food | Food Health

  • Which nutrients are important for the baby?
  • What does a balanced diet look like?
  • Four main food groups
  • How to improve the healthy nutrition of children?

A healthy diet should not only be important in old age, but especially with the proper diet of the children. For the development of a healthy body you need specific nutrients and minerals.

Healthy nutrition in children

Especially in the growing season, the right diet is very important and important importance. In addition, one should look for a child without choosing a good meal for his child, but always on BMI. BMIT body mass index and this is a hint that the size of your own child and the exact weight according to the current age. The reason is not always too much.

It is important to always keep an eye on BMI, even if your own child’s overeats and thickens can be harmful for a lot of good food, even a child with a balanced balanced diet. (You can find out more about BMI in children here)

In short, even for adults, BMI is a good formula as to what your own body weight is. Values ​​are divided into 8 levels, from “heavy weight” to “obesity grade III”

Which nutrients are important for the baby?

Nutritional quality is important for the growth of the child. As a parent you still have children’s nutrition in your own hands and you have the responsibility to ensure that your child gets all the necessary nutrients. However, if this is not so easy, you do not know which nutrients are important for a baby.

For children, especially Calcium, Vitamin D and Protein are important.

Calcium is important for bone and growth Therefore, you should always ensure that you provide food containing various calcium. This primarily involves milk and milk products because many children tend to eat this diet and rather tend to eat many dairy products, one should now and then prefer the lower fat version, so that BMI does not shoot up.

But some vegetables have good content of calcium. Among them there are broccoli, castle, shimla and lake. They must not be one of the most popular vegetables, but must be in the menu at regular intervals.

In addition to calcium, Vitamin D plays a mere role. Vitamin D helps develop bone and tooth, however, the natural structure of vitamin D in the body only works through the action of the sun

The child is recommended to go to the sky at least once. We also experience the effects of sun on the vitamin D composition of adults. The lack of vitamin D makes us tired and tired. In the dark season, most adults feel good about withdrawing Hill from solar system.

Also white white eggs should not be given. All of the proteins on the upper body are needed to control new cell structure and other physical functions. In addition to various dairy products, meat and fish, lazes, cereals and potatoes, excellent supplier of protein.

What does a balanced diet look like?

It’s not always easy to bring a healthy diet because you can start from the beginning that healthy and vitamins-rich foods are naturally sweet to the agenda and so on. Can cook together together as a key to accessing healthy foods for babies.

A pleasure of preparing alone, and the food that is prepared by the children themselves is often accepted rather than higher food. In addition, there are opportunities to give food to the children properly, it should be seen before preparation and not in the process, if it does not taste.

Three main foods for the development of a healthy child are important. In the middle, you should offer two to three small and healthy foods. This should be carefully measured.

Children are very different. For example, those who eat a lot of sweet fruit, they usually eat large amounts of stomach during main meals, except for potatoes, it should be given less frequently. Because food is not enough to provide health coverage only with the healthier diet. It is important to provide food to four main food groups every day.

These include starchy foods such as pasta, rice, potato, seedbed and even atta-based foods such as bread, pancakes and companies. These do not only provide important carbohydrate, but also a good regimen.

Likewise, fruits and vegetables should be in everyday menus. Cut out fruit and leafy vegetables, cut it into pieces or give it as a dessert.

Iron and protein foods are such important and given once or twice a day. Important meat, fish, eggs, nuts and legumes In addition, dairy products should not be provided by providing calcium in one important product

From birth, children should be concentrated. After breast milk, no juice or soda should find their way to bottle. It is best for kids to offer less carbon water or tea, especially for the disciples. Earlier this drink is drunk with cups or glasses, because the bottles can be used to damage your teeth with constant eyesight and tooth decay. Of course, after adult children may drink sodas or juice spritzers, but they should get as much food as possible and then brush their teeth.

Milk is not suitable as thirst removal. Because, besides thirst, hunger is also satisfied. For example, especially the poor eaters should eat only small portions of cocoa or milk for breakfast.

How to improve the healthy nutrition of children?

You can do much for your child than just providing healthy foods, with the addition of certain medicines or oils, the child’s immune system is properly regenerated and the health is preserved long.

Especially olive oil is recommended. One knows this from the suggestion to add oil to the baby’s porridge from it already, because it is used by the body immediately and helps in dividing and reinforcing vitamins.

Many adults, as well as children’s special oils, praise pumpkin seeds such as pumpkin seeds or Moroccan argan oil.

But various medicines for health are also important. Estragon is recommended, which gives metabolicity at a speed. Cress is also wonderful and offers a lot of vitamins C, iron, calcium and folic acid

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