Foober Investigation: WeChat Sydney takeaway road test

Day 1: Korean style fried chicken and pasta

10 pieces of soy fried chicken (some already eaten) with pesto pasta

Establishment details: Chicken bite (韩国炸雞) — Restaurant based in Chinatown

Time: Monday 8PM

Order: Set Menu B 10 pieces of chicken ( choose a flavour), main dish (choose one), 套餐B韓國炸雞10块(口味任選)+主菜(任選其一). I chose Soy Chicken and Pesto Pasta.

Price: $35 delivered

Delivery time: Approx 30 minutes

Dialogue between me and the staff of Chicken bite

Review: Delivery guy came promptly and was waiting downstairs in an SUV. Was a Chinese international student that said in total there were 6 Chinese international students doing delivery for the Korean boss of the restaurant and most of the takeaway business is coming through WeChat. Why WeChat? Because it’s free and all Chinese people use WeChat (and that Facebook isn’t acessible in China). Mentioned that some advertising might be done through blogs. The food was hot but pretty ordinary in terms of flavour and it wasn’t a huge portion size considering the price, however it was enough to feed two not-s0-hungry guys adequately.


WeChat: coffeebite99

Facebook: sydneybite

KakaoTalk: bitect



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