New Year Resolution : Consume less, Create more

I have more than 100 books (physical books) and about a 100 as soft copies in the To Read list.

I have 184 movies and 19 documentaries — hand picked and downloaded one by one — in the To Watch folder on my laptop, totaling 258 GB.

I have a subscription to a daily newspaper (The Hindu) and a monthly news magazine (The Caravan). This is in addition to the scores of news articles that are shared on my TL on a daily basis on Facebook and Twitter.

I follow 4 comedy shows (Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory, Family Guy & Portlandia). I have plans to watch two more spoof comedies — Norsemen & American Vandal.

I follow 5 drama shows (Black Mirror, Better Call Saul, House of Cards, The Orville & Mindhunter). I have plans to watch Broadchurch, The Night Of & The Decalogue.

This is over and above my subscription to Amazon Prime and many channels on YouTube including the channels of Late Night hosts — Conan, Fallon, Meyers and Noah.

I have written - or am in the process of writing - about 6 stories (Average ~2000 words written) among which I have to submit one by Jan 15 for a competition.

I have to work on my MSc (Engg) thesis and submit it before March.

I have a hectic 9–6 job (that stretches routinely to 7pm) which needs 2+2 hours of travel daily.

So, my new year resolution is the elephant in the room :

Consume less. Create more.

Happy new year!