The “Gross”ery Store

Behind my room, The shadows. The Duos as i named them.
The chomping voices, haunted me every night.

I was afraid.

Hid myself under the blanket as i heard them, perfectly tucked,
not a single strand of hair could trespass. I could barely breath fresh air.

Daily drill as i would declare the act.

Why do they laugh at me, why they haunt me?

I haven't slept for months now, Insomniac.

Wait, i don't even remember what it was like, “The good night sleep”.

Wake up!, Wake up! Stop thinking about them as i spoke to myself i heard them again.It was them yes! I knew it was them.

Sounds of creaking metals, light bangs, shuffling it was them! i could see their shadow casting through my window onto the white wall acting as the perfect canvas for the perfect picture.

Perfectly imprinted on my mind to haunt me.

Giggling as they make their way through my backyard, i could hear their footsteps approach.

the usual voices started to emerge as they dug deep to find their prey.

Suddenly it stopped, the unusual silence, even the silence haunted me now.I was afraid yet curious, why it had stopped. it wasn’t the time yet.

It’s unusual, i wasn't expecting this to end so quickly, my curiosity was reaching the level where it killed the cat. In this case I was the “Cat”

Poked a tiny hole through the blanket…..I could see a perfect shadow, one of them eating something it seems like triangular shard of glass. a ‘Cult’ maybe, performing rituals.

As I watched it happened, thoughts of different Cults that i knew of started to emerge in my subconscious mind.

It was Fear fueling my half awake brain. It had woke me up to enough senses, that was when i realized ‘Fear’ was powerful yet wonderful thing.

I decided to use my Fear against my Fear. Suddenly i was a Knight, a Knight of the Army of Darkness.

Underneath that flying blanket piercing through the silent space, there stands “Me” in the midst of dark room like a slow motion movie 
scene camera rolling in circles around me. I had the feeling i had never before.

I was brave, i had turned my fears against my own fears, and as i leaped towards the window as fast as my sleep deprived feet could have without any hesitation.

I saw them, They saw me.

We were gazing each other for a while, My emotions switching, from fear to anger, anger to confusion and on and on.
I carried on gazing, while they ignored me and carried on with the Pizza i had left in the trash bin behind my wall.

They may be still homeless……. but they left me Fearless.