I was thinking of sabremetrics, too, when I watched Jason Heyward strike out in the 9th inning on a…
James Dittes

Valid point James Dittes. But you’re evaluating J-Hey the same way non-sabremetricians fail to understand about the playoffs; the sample size is too small. Just like in blackjack, in the short term, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose but over the long haul the odds work against you and you are guaranteed to lose (there would be no Las Vegas if this isn’t true). In its simplest form, that is the essence of Moneyball. Your comment about sabremetrics-friendly players and disastrous contracts can equally apply to disastrous contracts made on non-sabremetrics friendly athletes so it doesn’t prove any point. But J-Hey might well turn out to be a bust for the next few years but will not (in my mind) invalidate the work Esptein has done for the Sox and Cubs.