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What’s the best suited Saree for your body type?

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Often worn on some of the most special occasions in life, Sarees find a place of pride in almost every Indian woman’s wardrobe. No wonder, every woman — of any age, shape or size — wishes to look perfect in a saree.

Many factors contribute towards making you look great in a saree, ranging from the blouse, the drape, saree material and more. However, choosing the saree style that is best suited for your body type is an extremely important aspect.

To start with, identify your body type correctly. And then, follow the time tested tips by trusted and popular Ethnic Fashion House AsoPalav to choose the best designer saree style — for your body type.

A for Apple

The body type with a typically heavier middle — ample bosom and fuller torso, with relatively narrower, rounded shoulders and bottom — is classified as Apple-shaped. The saree lengthens the torso, hides the stomach and gives an illusion of symmetry, so it works well for Apple bodies. On the downside, though, the choice, in terms of fabrics, blouse designs and prints, becomes quite limited for the Apple shaped women. If you are one with this body type, fret not. Follow these tips –

* Stick to fluid, yet slightly weighty, opaque fabrics like pure Silks and Linen-Silk blends. Georgettes that are not sheer will work well too.

*Invest in sarees with pretty, delicate embroidery on the borders and pallu hem; the attractive, tiny motifs will take away the attention from your broad middle. Plain sarees and ones with attractive Zari borders work well too.

* Stick to smaller, scattered all over prints. Avoid sarees with big or eye catching prints or motifs on the entire length of pallu drape or on pleats.

* Drape your Saree a little higher; team it with longer, structured blouses. Say NO to loose, crop top styles or teeny weeny cholis.

* Show off your neck and arms, if they are toned.

* Stick to classic styles, add interesting jewellery to your ensemble and wear deep colours.

P for Pear

The most common Indian body type is the Pear — narrower at the top with a relatively slimmer middle and heavier hips and thighs. Unless the hip area is too wide, this body type is NOT difficult to manage in a saree.

· Choose flowy fabrics like crepes, de-chine, cotton-silk blends, georgettes and not-so-gauzy chiffons.

· Emphasis should be on draping the saree well. Invest in structured and tailored petticoats — saree underskirts, in good fabric — to give the illusion of shape. Avoid mermaid cuts, though.

· Pleat your saree in many smaller, closer pleats rather than a few large ones.

· The Gujarati style or Seedha Pallu drape suits this body type pretty nicely.

· Beautiful borders, but not the ones that are too broad at the saree hemline, work well.

· Wear sarees with scattered motifs embroidery or small prints all over, but ensure that patterns don’t fall directly over your hip area (on the back-side).

· Show off your shapely shoulders, arms or neckline to take away the attention from your lower half. Blouses with adornments and contemporary styles also serve your purpose well.

Slim all the way!

Many believe that if you are slim, you can manage to pull off any apparel or style with élan. But, that’s not always the case, especially in the Saree world. The close-to-body saree drape calls for some meat on the body. So, if you are quite thin, with gaunt, long limbs, you will need to be careful in picking sarees with stiffer materials that will give you some girth.

· Fabrics like organza, stiffer cottons, thick cotton-wool blends, heavy woven silks etc. will suit you well

· You can also experiment with sheer but stiff fabrics/ weaves. Dhakai Jamdanis — Kolkatta’s favourite saree — does ample justice to a slim body. Similarly, traditional Arkandi (organdie) and stiff net sarees — that don’t cling to the body will work well for you.

Tall and Slim

If you are pretty tall as well as slim/ thin, you will have to be doubly sure to avoid going too far on either side of the spectrum — with a saree. Although, this is considered an ideal body type, with saree, the situation may be somewhat different.

· To keep the look contemporary, you will need stylish blouses. Back-ess and halter neck blouses look good on such body types.

· Flaunt your shoulders, back and abdomen, if they are toned and polished.

· Wear sarees that don’t cling to your body, but ensure that they have a good fall.

· Heavy embroidery on Pallu front, broad brocade borders and thick all over weaves like Benarsis also look good on such a body type, provided they are draped and accessoried well.


Sarees can be a great way to give the illusion of length/ height. So, petite — short and small — women have a lot to gain from a saree, especially if they are careful about certain aspects.

· Wear sarees with good fall. Even if you are pretty thin, avoid wearing overly stiff sarees, as they may weigh down you delicate frames.

· Same goes for prints, borders and adornments. Too much of anything will weigh you down. Broad borders are a no no, and huge, swirly prints are best avoided too.

· If you are small and thin, you can go for psychedelic colours, retro styles as well as extremely traditional styles, without the danger of looking maturer and older than your years.

· Experiment with your blouses — pair a printed, top like blouse with a showy, d-chine saree.

· Avoid colour blocking, at all costs, as it shortens the frame.

· Dangler earrings paired with sarees will help you look leaner and taller.

Voila — the Voluptuous!

A saree drape looks best on curvy, hour-glass shapes, also known as voluptuous. If you have an ample bosom and somewhat proportionally ample bottom with a leaner, thinner torso/ middle, you are a typical hour-glass. This body type looks sensuous and attractive, especially if it is athletic and toned. If you are blessed with such a body, sarees will look elegant and lovely on you, provided you drape them well.

· You can experiment with saree styles and fabrics, but avoid choosing overly stiff or gauzy stuff. Rather go for sarees that have a good fall. Georgettes, printed silks and chiffons, d-chine, crepes, softer nets work the best for you.

· Too much of sheerness and transparency may look vulgar, while over-stiffness may make you look disproportionate.

· If you torso is long, ensure wearing longer blouses.

· Avoid heavy motifs on bosom as well as hip area. If you are tall, you can wear sarees with broader borders at the hem.

· Dark colours, deeps tones and jewel hues work the best for you, or any heavier body type.

· You can also sport linen and handloom sarees with élan, but avoid extremely heavy weaves or weighty fabrics like chenille or velvet.

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